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I'm excited for the opportunity to help you share your passion with the world! If you're feeling like this coaching program is what you need to help you create or expand your business, there are multiple opportunities for us to work together, all highlighted below.

I offer one-on-one coaching packages and group workshops/training programs. The one-on-one programs are more customized specifically to where you are at in your life and business, and to help you create and deepen the roots and foundation of your business so you can start to thrive as a solopreneur. The group workshops will be more generalized teaching catered to the entire group, but will still provide the foundation you need to create and expand your business.

For the one-on-one packages, you can sign up for either of them any time you want, while the group programs will be offered in select cities at select times throughout the year. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to work with me in a group setting, I can customize the group training and bring it to your city/community

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Work With Me

ONE-ON-ONE Packages

Launch your business

1 to 2 months
(4, 1 hour sessions)

  • Getting clear on your message/purpose
  • Creating a big vision
  • Finding your voice
  • Designing your offerings
  • Giving structure to your ideas
  • Marketing promotional fundamentals

    ONE-ON-ONE Packages

    Creating a Stable Livelihood

    5 to 6 months (12, 1 hour coaching sessions) + additional resources

  • Monetizing your message
  • Leveraging your gifts
  • Structuring your business to minimise output
  • Creating higher end services and programs
  • Developing a path of progression in your business
  • Marketing promotional strategies for selling all your offers
  • Creating online offerings
  • Website strategy upgrades

    ONE-ON-ONE Packages

    From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

    10 - 11 months (24, 1 hour coaching sessions) + additional resources

  • Strategy for passive income
  • Learning to work on your business not just in it
  • Finding your team
  • Strategy for team management
  • Creating a training program for your team members
  • Expanding online and offline
  • marketing promotional strategies for growing your brand beyond you
  • Marketing implementation plan for maximising revenue

    Group Workshops

    Laying the Foundation to Launch Your Business

    (3 hours)

    In this workshop you will learn how to take an idea or a vision and put it into action. You will be given practical tools to help create the necessary steps for building a strong foundation for your vision and how to launch your business successfully.

    Group Workshops

    Root 2 Rise Immersion (12 hours):

    Deepen Your Roots to Expand Your Business

    This course is a weekend immersion dedicated to helping you take your wellness business to the next level. In the twelve hours we will spend together, we will cover the simple and practical steps needed to increase your income, decrease your workload, and maximize your time spent doing what you love.


    Important Note:

    You can afford this! If you really want to work with me but are struggling to figure out how you can pay for the program, I am more than willing to create a payment plan that feels reasonable. I understand what it is like to be a solopreneur in this industry and I know sometimes money feels tight – so I want to assure you that I am always happy to figure something out so we can both get what we need. Most importantly, I want your gifts to be shared with the world, because this world needs it now more than ever! I believe you are worth the investment; I hope you do too!

    If you want to say YES to working with me, but have questions, worries, doubts, or concerns – no need to worry! I don’t want this to feel stressful. Please know that I've got your back and will make this feel easy and achievable every step of the way, and I am happy to do a free consultation call to answer all your questions and ease all your concerns!

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